"The art of furniture making"
The Simex brand from Romania is a classic, modern, rustic furniture manufacturing factory in its own design or in partnership. We are ready to cooperate commercially and on the production field.

Born in the most prolific Romanian area of furniture manufacturing – the North-West region, SIMEX is already a powerful brand, with its headquarters in the town of Simleu Silvaniei, located in the heart of Transylvania, who became an important place on the map of national and international furniture industry.

More than a furniture factory, SIMEX is primarily a desire, the desire to meet the sense of beauty, a delight, meaning that elegance, balance, refinement, as SIMEX signifies the art furniture or the art of making furniture. SIMEX also means living nature – man and nature, the wood and its warmth. SIMEX is a real temptation, the temptation to make you feel in your own home as a true king. Finally, SIMEX represents the challenge to compete with the best, it is an ambition, the ambition to be the best.

Our company, SIMEX, consists in 4 factories which operate without interruption since 1950. We have 920 workers, our own creation and design unit, the most modern devices and best professionals in the field, the largest distribution network all around Romania, Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. SIMEX continues the tradition for over a century in the production of solid wood furniture because the craftsmen from this area had transmitted from generation to generation the beautiful craft of carpentry.

Mixing the useful side with the pleasure one, functionality with design, SIMEX believes that furniture is an important part of man’s life.

Company Name: Simex SA

Address: Cehei Street, Nr. 100, Simleu Silvaniei Town, Sălaj County, Postal code: 455300, România

Telephone: +40-260-678653 / +40-260-678638 / +40-260- 678654

Fax: +40-260-678203


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