"Minimalist aesthetics with monumental, brutalist traits."
Materia Studio is a furniture design company based in Bucharest with a production facility located in Transylvania. The company was established in 2015 by a collective of young creatives and entrepreneurs who share a passion for natural materials and sustainable design.

We grow our business and the community in which we operate in a sustainable way by supporting a model of doing business that is empowering to the individual and caring toward the environment.

Inspired by raw materials, the shapes, volumes, and lines are kept in a minimalist aesthetics with monumental, brutalist traits. The material richness is complemented by the expressive appearance of hand treated surfaces so that the final piece retains the traces of the process.

Materia aims at valuing and bringing back the human makers in objects that are personal, expressive, and bearing the fingerprints of the artisans. The traditional craftsmanship is mixed with experimental procedures to transform the matter into statement pieces with unexpected textures.

Company Name: Materia Studio

Address: Str. Călărași 51A, Sebeș, Alba

Telephone: +40741254433

Fax: +40 21 350.80.27