"Furniture fits future"
Graphtec represents your trustworthy partner that produces custom made residential and commercial furniture, all in one products and services offered all in house, with smart and sustainable design, tailored for each client, as well as commercial islands, shop fittings, POSM signage and exhibition stands for multinational companies.

In the 20 years of experience in the production of tailor made residential and commercial furniture, Graphtec’s team of specialists, managed to transform the concept of furniture into an attribute synonymous with innovation. Working closely with clients, we have understood the importance of the three defining elements of smart design, namely: functionality, aesthetics and sustainability, integrating them in all our projects.

Through an optimal combination of creativity and responsibility, with attention to market movements, the latest trends in design and production, but particularly attentive to what customers want, Graphtec develops all-in-one complete solutions that offer our customers, besides products, complete consulting and project management services, taking over the whole process of research, design, production and implementation from customers, saving them time and resources.

Graphtec is the partner with which your project is sustainable and secure throughout, the partner who takes on all your responsibilities by knowing exactly what to do and when, bringing you a fresh air with innovative and smart complete, new solutions for your business.

Company Name: Graphtec Design SRL

Address: Aurel Vlaicu Street, no. 125, Constanța, România, 900154

Telephone: +40 241 544 818

Fax: +40 241 544 818