The Oak Saga was born in the mind of CAREL’s creative team as a combination of utility and design.

„We wanted to create something unique that celebrates the naturality of the timber & [to] showcase the raw beauty of nature’s materials. That way, we made sure to offer high-quality materials that complement each other in harmony. The use of marble, metal & fabric has seen an increase in popularity in the CAREL factory.”

For ICFF New York 2022, they have prepared a full range of products, including a sofa, an armchair, a brainstorming table, a sideboard and many more wonderfully designed pieces.

Using only the highest quality of materials, their passion is to create timeless heirlooms that enhance the spaces they are in, incorporating all the details required for functionality and style. They have built a reputation through quality services and products, thus establishing a high level of brand awareness. Their efforts are closely aligned with their clients’ needs and specifications.

CAREL is specialized in wood processing, from primary processing to finished products, and manufactures a wide range of solid wood furniture products.

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