"Designer furniture from AMPLUSPM"

MaNoOtTa is a versatile piece of furniture that can furnish both tiny and spacious homes as well as modern-day office spaces.

It starts out as a stool, which can then become a rocking chair, or it can turn into a coffee table. It can be easily moved around, as it is not very heavy. 

Polimasa: light, elegant and flexible

The ellipse-shaped tabletop comes in 40mm-thick Romanian oak, 20mm-thick Carrara marble, 12mm-thick tempered glass and a wide array of other tabletop materials.

The tabletop is supported by an ultra-light, high-functioning spatial polygonal node structure, which consists of 20 cylindrical baguettes—only 20 mm in diameter—that come in a choice of beech or ash. The baguettes are connected by 9 three-dimensional steel sheet nodes. The spatial polygonal node structure makes the table light, elegant and flexible.

Cross. sideboard

This sideboard pays homage to modern and late-modern sideboards through the simplicity of its shape, its materials and its textures. It has, however, a dynamic feeling due to the arrangement of the oak veneer on the drawer fronts, doubled by the zig-zagging movement of these fronts.

AM+PM is a furniture start-up whose ambition is to become a worldwide ambassador of Romanian design and production while promoting a contemporary lifestyle.

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